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Wolf Moon
The moon glistened on the silver lake issuing its silent call to gather and to hunt.  The whole forest rustled with the wind's beckoning presence and the speed of the pack as they ran to the White Paw Stone.  A chilling howl echoed through the forest's corners causing animals young and old to shiver.  Tonight was a wolf moon.
    The two travelers who had not dared stop to camp for the night also shivered.  
    "We should light a torch," the taller one whispered in the sudden silence of the forest.  "Wolves fear fire above all things."
    "And that is why on a wolf moon they will attack it first.  They will tolerate no threat to their territory, especially on the night where they are strongest.  We must avoid detection if possible."
    "That is not possible," the taller one exclaimed.  "They will notice our scent as soon as the hunt is out."
    "Not if they hear us first," the soft v
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sweetness by oceanfire-song sweetness :iconoceanfire-song:oceanfire-song 3 3
Starry Thoughts
I am just one
Shining in the night
And my shine is not very bright
     Sometimes I wonder
      If I shine at all
I can't help but be captivated
By all these others--
Lights--one by one
        They shine
      He shines
  She shines
So beautiful
    Unique (or should I say 'different')
My eye gets caught
I can not tear
    His light
     Her light
      Their light
is so bright
   And there are so many!
   And they are all
         So clear
         So strong
         So different (or should I say 'unique')
Or maybe--they are all the same?
  just bright
      small lights
Lots of tiny sparkling dots.  
              There are so many…
What good is one more?
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swollen by oceanfire-song swollen :iconoceanfire-song:oceanfire-song 0 3
"I divorce you."
Sarah looked up from the merchant's stand.  The pomegranate in her hand dropped to the dust.  She turned to face her husband.
"I divorce you," Yohanan said a second time, louder than the first.
The babble of conversation around them ebbed.  The people in the crowded market place began to encircle them.  
"What are you doing?" Sarah said.  Her voice shook.  All he needed to do was say it one more time in the presence of witnesses.
Yohanan's face was closed.  He looked at her as if he had never seen her before.  As if they hadn't spent the last seven years working and loving together.
Sarah slowly shook her head.  She began to approach him, her arms hesitantly beginning to implore him.  "Please, don't do this.  What have I done to displease you?  Yohanan, please…"
Yohanan looked past her.  His eyes squinted in the sunlight.  He spoke
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Gotcha by oceanfire-song Gotcha :iconoceanfire-song:oceanfire-song 0 5 prove it by oceanfire-song prove it :iconoceanfire-song:oceanfire-song 0 1 Atop the highest hill by oceanfire-song Atop the highest hill :iconoceanfire-song:oceanfire-song 1 9 Overlooking by oceanfire-song Overlooking :iconoceanfire-song:oceanfire-song 0 3
Fantasy mystery part 5
    They ran until they came to a ridge in the forest. Jæina held up her hand to signal them to stop.  Carefully, silently, the three of them crept to the edge of the ridge.  Looking down, they saw a well-armed party of approximately thirty men.
    "Can you make out the banner?" Dal'el whispered.
    "No," Rand said after a moment, and Jæina shook her head in agreement.
    "Right then," Dal'el said after taking in a huge breath.  "We watch them until nightfall.  Then we'll creep down and spy on them a little longer…they may not be who we are looking for.  If we can identify the sword, or if they behave suspiciously, I'll go in while you two distract the sentries."
    "Why do we have to spy on them to make sure we have the thieves?" Rand said, "Who else would be this close to our and the Icabin's territory?  It all fits perfec
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Fantasy mystery part 4
    "Good," Tajeé grunted, "I have you to myself for a few minutes.  Walk a little slower, Dal'el, I know your anxious for adventure, but trust me, adventure comes more when you're not looking for it then when you march out to war with it."
    "I'm listening," Dal'el said.  Tajeé always sprouted nonsense before he said something important.
    "I don't know what this is all about," Tajeé said, "and I'm not going to try to find out.  But I do know that if you boys don't come back with whatever it is your went out for, that one will make you responsible for whatever happens.  So it 'pears to me that whoever is responsible for the mission should be in charge of it, if you get my meaning.  But that one won't see it that way.  He'll be wanting to make the decisions, and call all the shots.  As long as its with woodmanship, you'll probably be OK, 'cause he's almo
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Fantasy mystery part 3
    It's not fair!  Jæina thought as she pounded her tear soaked pillow.  It's not fair, it's not fair, it's not right!  I was the one who thought of it!  Of any of them, I should be able to go!  It's not fair!
    There was a soft knock at the door.
    Jæina didn't answer.
    The door opened on its own and someone entered the room.  "Do you want to go down and say goodbye?" Calia asked.
    Jæina turned to look at her adopted mother with tear blurred eyes.  When she and Dal'el had been found in the forest, Calia had been the only one Jæina allowed herself to trust.  There was a bond between them, as there was with all orphans, for Calia had been orphaned when the Icabins attacked Glorha.  After that Calia herself had become a vengeful warrior and had proved herself many times
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Fantasy mystery part 2
    Never in his life did Dal'el remember Kalid needing any form of assistance, but now the blood flowing freely from his wrists had weakened him and Kalid was slowing.
    "Here, Master," Dal'el offered, "lean on me."
    In the fading starlight Dal'el could see Kalid stiffen.  "There is no shame in accepting help," Dal'el urged.  "Especially not when we must hurry."
    "The wounds are not grave," Kalid responded, "it is my heart that pains me."
    Then, "But you're right, we must hurry."  Kalid stopped walking and Dal'el stepped close to him.  Kalid put his arm about Dal'el's shoulders to steady himself and they hurried to Halik's home.
    Halik's house was made of stone, it had two levels and was the largest in the village, as befitting a chief.  Dal'el leaned Kalid on
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Fantasy mystery
    Dal'el squinted as he polished the sword.  The sunlight was bright by the creek, and the sword shone so that it almost hurt his eyes to look at it.  But the sword must be spotless when Kalid presented it to Jarem, the clan chief who would soon be acknowledged as overlord of all the clans in the North.  
    Dal'el ran the cloth over the sword one last time.  It was a magnificent weapon, and Dal'el was hesitant to let it leave his grasp.  The sword's pommel was fastened in the shape of two snakes biting each other.  The sword itself was double-edged, made of tartanium sharpened so that it could split a hair.   
    Dal'el glanced around.  No one was by the stream—but that was as it should be, all in the village were preparing for the honor of hosting the crowning ceremony.  
    He stood from off the large, fla
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United States
Current Residence: somewhere through the other side of the moon
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, classic rock, celtic, oldies, worship music
Skin of choice: the one i'm in (ha ha ha)
Favourite cartoon character: Classic: Garfield; Current: Abijar (
Personal Quote: running to to come with?
Do you want to know something I've never understood about chain letters?  If the information in them is so wonderful, then why are they always accopanied by threats?  I mean, here you are, you're scrolling through this dopey thing because some friend of yours sent it to you and it's all 'la la la, what a wonderful person you are, somewhere someone loves you' and you're all like, 'gee, that's nice, but the only real reason I'm reading this is because I'm procrastinating' and then SUDDENLY you get to the end of the letter and it's like: "If you're a true friend you'll pass this on to 10 [why is it always 10?] people.  If not, and you break the chain letter you are DOOMED for all eternity.  You'll have bad luck in relationships!  Your nose will run and your feet will smell!  Anvils and pianos will fall on your head!  So pass on the @$@@#^@(* chain letter or else!"  

I mean, honestly--why?  If it's nice and you think people will like it, then why not pass it on?  If it's boring and a waste of time and you feel like tormenting your "friends" with it, sure--hey--you read it, why not?  But why threaten people?  It's worse than that mirror-breaking superstition.  NOT TO MENTION that when you finally do get to the threatening part, you realize that the only reason why you got the stinkin' thing in the first place is because your "friend" was probably too chicken not to forward it.  After all, we wouldn't want to risk bad breath or car trouble, now would we?  (Not forgetting the ANVILS of DOOM.)  And then once you realize that, where does your warm gooshy feeling of being "special" and scrolling through eons of smiley faces go?  Uh-huh, that's right--kaPUT.  Boo!

Hmm...I don't think that my symbols up there actually represent anything...

It is so obvious that I should be asleep right now.

If you like fairy stories with a twist go read: thorns


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