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Current Residence: somewhere through the other side of the moon
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, classic rock, celtic, oldies, worship music
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Favourite cartoon character: Classic: Garfield; Current: Abijar (
Personal Quote: running to to come with?
Do you want to know something I've never understood about chain letters?  If the information in them is so wonderful, then why are they always accopanied by threats?  I mean, here you are, you're scrolling through this dopey thing because some friend of yours sent it to you and it's all 'la la la, what a wonderful person you are, somewhere someone loves you' and you're all like, 'gee, that's nice, but the only real reason I'm reading this is because I'm procrastinating' and then SUDDENLY you get to the end of the letter and it's like: "If you're a true friend you'll pass this on to 10 [why is it always 10?] people.  If not, and you break the chain letter you are DOOMED for all eternity.  You'll have bad luck in relationships!  Your nose will run and your feet will smell!  Anvils and pianos will fall on your head!  So pass on the @$@@#^@(* chain letter or else!"  

I mean, honestly--why?  If it's nice and you think people will like it, then why not pass it on?  If it's boring and a waste of time and you feel like tormenting your "friends" with it, sure--hey--you read it, why not?  But why threaten people?  It's worse than that mirror-breaking superstition.  NOT TO MENTION that when you finally do get to the threatening part, you realize that the only reason why you got the stinkin' thing in the first place is because your "friend" was probably too chicken not to forward it.  After all, we wouldn't want to risk bad breath or car trouble, now would we?  (Not forgetting the ANVILS of DOOM.)  And then once you realize that, where does your warm gooshy feeling of being "special" and scrolling through eons of smiley faces go?  Uh-huh, that's right--kaPUT.  Boo!

Hmm...I don't think that my symbols up there actually represent anything...

It is so obvious that I should be asleep right now.

If you like fairy stories with a twist go read: thorns

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